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Kendal end of tenancy cleaning is in constant demand with businesses coming in and out of Kendal all the time, our aim is to help make a lasting impression on your tenants and potential tenants in future years. We would like to secure tenants on their first impressions. It is essential to get the place looking smart and clean, it’s made so easy with our end of tenancy cleaning service. We do all the work!

Kendal has so many Landlords and Commercial Agencies providing homes to rent, it is a thriving City with hundreds of businesses renting retail and office space every year. 

Not only can it secure tenants it can also make them feel more comfortable and satisfied in their commercial premises. With an effective cleaning service you can see the difference in how tenants treat their new space when it starts off clean because they start off more positive and want to maintain its clean look and feel.

Kendal End of Tenancy cleaning is our most popular service locations by far as it has so much office and retail available. Not only is it our local service area but it is also the busiest.

We use top of the range equipment to guarantee a sparkling finish that will always have the place looking spotless by the time we are finished. Low foam liquid solutions mixed with our highly trained technicians are one of our secrets to success. 

Carpet and Floor Cleaning is often one of the major issues with rented commercial space as they are not usually treated and maintained regularly. If you look on our Carpet and Floor Cleaning page we are specialists in floor cleaning and provide an excellent professional service. These combined services have a beautiful end result, giving the accommodation a new lease of life.  If you haven’t seen the floor cleaning methods please make sure to check them out on our carpet and floor cleaning page.

It is our goal to make the new tenants itch to move in and cannot wait to get themselves situated and comfortable in their new space.

We tailor our end of tenancy cleaning to our customers’ individual needs, but our service generally includes the cleaning (de-scaling and degreasing) of:

  • Kitchens surfaces, tiles and cupboards
  • Sinks and taps
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Oven, hob and extractor hood
  • Carpets and floors
  • Baths, showers, toilets and basins
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Skirting boards and window sills
  • Radiators and heaters
  • Doors and door frames
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Interior windows
  • Balconies and patios
  • Furniture

We are very competitively priced and offer a service that will satisfy. If you would like to enquire about Kendal carpet and floor cleaning. Contact us by calling 01524 930140.

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