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carpet and floor cleaning by ZestOne Solutions

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

In the home or workplace, carpets and floors give that all important first impression of overall cleanliness. A clean, fresh carpet or floor area shows that you care about the environment you live or work in.

Because of the impact daily living has on floors and carpets, what looks clean might be anything but! Through our carpet and floor cleaning service, Zest One can bring you the assurance that these high impact areas are as clean and safe as they possibly can be. For home owners we can offer:

  • A cleaning service that takes into account carpet type, as not all carpets can be cleaned the same way
  • A thorough ‘access all areas’ approach to cleaning, with furniture removed and hidden areas dealt with
  • Deep cleaning for pet owners in order to remove strong odours, residue and ingrained pet hair
  • Infestation cleaning where pests may be present deep in the carpet pile
  • High impact cleaning for stubborn stains and marks
  • Restoration in place of costly replacement for carpets and other floor surfaces

Any business wants to make a good impression, for both staff and customers. A clean, fresh smelling environment is crucial in achieving this. To do so, the ‘bottom up’ approach is the most effective way of showing you care, both about the impression you give and for those who may enter your workspace. For businesses we can offer:

  • A cost effective, regular carpet and floor cleaning service to meet your budget
  • A choice of effective solutions to meet your floor cleaning needs, be it polishing, vacuuming or wet clean
  • Disinfecting and bacteria elimination in areas such as food preparation and clinical environments
  • Refreshed flooring in high footfall areas such as pubs, restaurants, washrooms and corridors
  • A professional team that understand the best solution for your situation
  • The convenience of an out of hours service that works around your business need

Zest One are experts in home and commercial carpet and flooring cleaning solutions. Our service includes a thorough pre-clean assessment of the floor covering to ensure the most effective system and products are in place. We work to ensure your carpets and flooring will look and smell great and give you continued good service, saving you both time and money.